Many surgical procedures require highly precise localization, often of deeply buried structures, in order for the surgeon to extract targeted tissue with minimal damage to nearby structures. While MRI and CT are available still the surgeon would require to be absolute to achieve desirable results.


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What is a Brain Clot Removal?


A brain clot is the blood mass formed in the internal layers of brain generally below the duramater. A surgery done to remove this blood mass or clot is called a brain clot removal surgery.


What are the causes of Brain clots?


Medically known as subdural hematoma, brain clots generally occur due to injury to the brain, mostly due to a fall, that tears and bleeds veins in the interiors of the dura. It occurs more frequently among the infirm and the aged, infants and also in accident cases. In fact it does not require a big blow to the brain to develop a blood clot even a slight injury can cause such a clot.


Symptoms of Brain Tumours


The symptoms of clot develop slowly over a period of time and can vary from person to person depending upon the location of the clot. Some common symptoms are:

• Headache & Confusion

• Sleepiness

• Single sided weakness or paralysis

• Inflamed or asymmetric pupils

• Seizures

• Loss of conciousness or even coma


A clot can be best confirmed with Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).

Surgery for Brain Clots


The surgery drains liquid blood by making openings into the skull. A portion of the skull may also be opened up to clear a large area or to stitch a bleeding vein.





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