Brain Clots 

The blood clots are basically a clump of blood which has changed into a semi solid state from a liquid state. Blood clotting is an important process because it helps to loose less blood especially when you are injured. However, if a clot is formed inside of your veins then it may be dangerous and will not dissolve by its own. If a clot is movable then it may move along your lungs and heart and may prevent blood flow which is dangerous and creates emergency situation.

Risk factors If You Have Blood Clots in Brain

The various factors which could increase your chances to have a blood clot are-

1. Age factor, especially if you are above 65
2. A recent stay in hospital or surgery
3. Obesity
4. Pregnancy
5. Family history
6. Smoking
7. Lengthy travels or trips etc

Types of blood clots:

There are various types of blood clots. These include blood clot in veins, legs, arms, heart, abdomen, lungs or brain.-

1. Blood clot in brain

Blood clot in brain is also known as stroke. A blood clot in the brain may cause some serious symptoms like severe headache, difficulty in speaking or seeing etc. A blood clot in brain may even cause a situation of emergency. A blood clot in the brain symptoms include- visual disturbances, confusion, weakness in one side of the body, headache, dropping on one side of the face, numbness and tingling in one arm or leg etc

There are various treatment for blood clot in brain

  • Antiplatelets which dissolves the blood clot in brain and also prevents for further formation of blood clots in brain.
  • Another treatment for blood clot in brain is Embolectomy which is a surgery to remove the blood clot in brain.
  • Anticoagulant is another treatment for blood clot in brain which protects the blood from clotting.
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